Just Listen

Hello, all!

Or more specifically; maybe one person,

I truthfully do not know where to begin with this thing. I have read articles and googled to my fingers depression but I still don’t have a clue on how I am supposed to “create a successful blog”. Especially a blog for the under-appreciated glory that is hot moms! (Which by the way, that means every momma working her ASS off on a daily!) So, basically…

I’m just going to dive right on in.

I made this blog over a week ago; a name, a theme, a logo, and a dream.

My dream is to just quite simply be heard. 

I’m sure I’m not the only mom, let alone person, that feels this way, right? To be more specific – I’m not the only one that feels ignored, stepped on, used, and quite frankly disrespected, right? I know there are other people, like me, that feel their voice just isn’t loud enough and so we get spoken over… though we try do everything for people, it just isn’t truly noticed. The act of kindness just isn’t getting reciprocated. People can’t even just say, “thank you“…

It really feels like no one follows that Golden Rule that I thought would have been hammered into our heads since adolescence?


However, I also know I can’t be the only one to look past these difficulties and still follow my dreams. I will continue to sing my truths even though no one listens. I will still dance with a grace because I have fallen and gotten back up. I will still try even if others don’t return it. I will still love because love is really all you need to survive this crazy, hateful world.

So, I guess that’s kind of why I am making this blog. To spread love, positivism, my dreams, my crazy life, and hopefully I can relate with some people… if I can make someone, just one person smile, then I am not wasting my time.

So, keep strong mommas and people and know that there are still people that appreciate you, even if it’s in ways you can’t see at first. Some people may just surprise you.

That child (you know, that miracle you made happen), you know they love and appreciate you! Even if they can be brats. 😉


Goodnight, everyone!

Know you are loved and HOT moms!