Selfie Sunday and Birthday Parties

Hello, everyone!

The whole three of you, haha!

I hope you all have been as fabulous as I have felt these last few days. Not sure if it’s the weather or the shift in the planets, I don’t know but I am not complaining! It could also be because I fixed my hair and have it back to its rightful color of a fiery red! Here is my #SelfieSunday!


Post yours in the comments! Let’s show off our hot-mom-ness (Yes, that’s a thing now, Google it!)

 Anyway, moms, I need to get this blog up and running and I want it to be a talkative one so I need some feedback! Let’s talk birthday parties.

I’m sure the words send shivers down your spines as all mothers know how stressful those things can be to plan! I have only had to plan one so far and it was extremely stressful and I would have rather just not. But that’s not an option, not when you’re an awesome hot mom and you want your child to have nothing but the best, right? Right!

On Friday, my daughter and I went to her little boyfriend’s second birthday party at Chuckie Cheese and it was a blast! It had me heavily considering going there for my daughter’s second birthday in June. However, before I really started planning I wanted some opinions, so I thought, “why not blog about it?”

So, here we are! 

Well, experienced moms (or not, I just wanna hear some feedback!), I would like to ask YOU for your opinion on how to throw a great birthday party for a two year old? What is the best place to throw a party? Is it better to go to a place like Chuckie Cheese and Incredible Pizza or at a park or pool? I’m sure it depends on the weather but what is your preference?


Here is a picture from our Friday night! terrible twos

Gotta love them terrible twos, right?!